Introducing Rigel A

by Bluzone Audio

By utilizing the most advanced technologies and high-grade materials, Bluzone Audio designed a superior speaker to deliver the ultimate sound experience.

Designed with the sound engineer and the audiophile in mind, these amazing speakers produce music untouched or uncolored, without any adjustments made by engineers.  This advantage enables the professional to focus on their work, rather than wasting time filtering or enhancing the altered music.

The finest quality sound from our Rigel A speakers will leave you breathless!

Benefits of the “Rigel A” Speaker

  • Phenomenal Soundstaging – When closing the eyes, a “virtual stage” is easily imagined, as the realistic 3D music seems to emanate from a type of live concert stage – as if one is actually present. Individual instruments and vocals can be identified with uncanny clarity. The difference between a violin and a viola can be detected!
  • Awesome Stereo Imaging – Locations of the sound sources are pinpointed with amazing accuracy. Exactly where the singer or guitarist was standing during recording can be determined.
  • Fast Impulse Response – Rigel A’s advanced drivers have the ability to reset the vibration of the cone to zero much quicker than the average driver, minimizing excessive throbbing that results in distortion typically present in other speakers. The slower tempo of Motzart will sound as excellent as faster tempo of Techno music.
  • Full-Range Drivers – deliver nearly all the audible frequency range to the listener simultaneously (thereby overcoming time domain challenges). Most other speaker systems must use crossovers between drivers in order to accomplish this, thereby creating distortions known as phase anomalies. This technology enables the Rigel A speakers to emit cleaner, sharper, crisp sound.
  • A Horizontal Sound Stage – is projected by our configuration of upscale drivers (known as line array) which emit sound waves that do not ricochet off the ceiling or floor, thereby delivering better music, due to reduced distortion.
  • Great Efficiency – Our speakers are highly efficient, producing top-notch sound and surprisingly notable base volume, yet occupying a small space (12.5” high x 6” wide  x  7” deep).
  • The superior Rigel A speaker cabinets are made of ¾ inch, solid grade A, hand-selected hardwoods: walnut, hard maple, zebra and sapele. Bluzone Audio never uses inferior MDF or particleboard that diminishes the quality of sound. Our Romanian master craftsman from the Carpathian Mountains has the expertise to meticulously select the best type of wood suited to each part of the speaker – front, back, top, bottom and sides.
Rigel A Walnut


Rigel A Zebra


Rigel A Hard Maple

Hard Maple

Rigel A Sapele


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